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Štatistika návštevnosti

Fajčenie vodnej fajky je nebezpečnejšie ako fajčenie cigariet.

Fajčenie vodnej fajky je nebezpečnejšie ako fajčenie cigariet. Waterpipe Smoking More Dangerous Than Cigarettes.

Waterpipe Smoking More Dangerous Than Cigarettes

December 18, 2009


Research Summary

Smoking from a hookah, or waterpipe, has become trendy among college-age Americans, in part because of the belief that hookahs are a safer alternative to smoking. In fact, the opposite is true, as a new study demonstrates.

Reuters reported Dec. 7 that researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University and the American University of Beirut studied a group of adult volunteers, comparing a 45-minute session of smoking from a waterpipe to the same period of time smoking a single cigarette.

The research demonstrated that hookahs delivered three times more carbon monoxide and about the same amount of nicotine as cigarettes. Hookahs also exposed users to 40 percent more smoke by volume than cigarettes, researchers found.

"This study can be used to dispel the myth that waterpipe tobacco smoking is a less lethal way of smoking tobacco," said co-author Thomas Eissenberg, Ph.D., of Virginia Commonwealth University.

The study was published in the December 2009 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine

This article summarizes an external report or press release on research published in a scientific journal. When available, links to the sources are provided above.


Posted by Phil on 21 Dec 09 10:51 AM CST

I commend JTO for the excellent daily newsletter you publish. I do, however, have an issue illustrated by this article. These short exerpt are published as supposed fact, when the science behind them is not available, published on line, and is often in question. No study can be more credible than the scientific regimen under which it wad conducted. How about the other harmful substances ins cigarettes that contribute immesurably more to pulmonary disease than carbon monoxide and nicotene tht you may or may not get with a hookah, such as fillers, burning paper, etc.

Posted by Tim M. on 21 Dec 09 11:00 AM CST

Does anyone have the link to the original data? I followed the link back to the story, but am having trouble finding the reference to the original study.

Posted by Editor @Join Together on 21 Dec 09 11:03 AM CST

We recognize the limitations of publishing short summaries of news article on research. That is why we always link to the abstract of the original studies when they are available. In this case, you can access the waterpipe research by clicking through to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine via the link in the summary.

Posted by Wajiw on 21 Dec 09 11:13 AM CST

I feel this is a no brainer. Who needs data? When using a water pipe people tend to draw in more smoke due to the cooling effect of the smoke passing through the water. As a marijuana addict in recovery (20+years) I have already done that research.

Posted by preventionist on 21 Dec 09 12:07 PM CST

This study was in the December issue of American Journal of Preventative Medicine. It does have some validity and I commend those who have already tested the harm in using waterpipes or hookahs. The science is that there is no safe level of tobacco use period. It doesn't matter how it is used.

Posted by Bill Godshall on 21 Dec 09 12:21 PM CST

The title of this JT article grossly misrepresents the study's findings, as the study did NOT find NOR conclude that smoking tobacco from waterpipes is more hazardous than cigarette smoking. Rather, the study found that smoking tobacco from a waterpipe for 45 consecutive minutes resulted in the inhalation of more smoke and CO than occurred from smoking one cigarette (that takes about 8 minutes). But while a typical cigarette smoker smokes 15-20/day (or 105-140/week), a typical waterpipe smoker smokes just one or two 45 minute sessions per week. So in fact, the vast majority of cigarette smokers inhale far greater amounts of CO and smoke than do the vast majority of waterpipe smokers. Also, while about half of cigarette smokers become addicted (i.e. smoking daily), only a small percentage of waterpipe smokers (in the US) have become daily waterpipe smokers. It would be helpful if JT editors stopped misrepresenting facts about the deadliest drug addiction (i.e. cigarettes) in an attempt to scare readers about less hazardous drug usage.

Posted by Editor @Join Together on 21 Dec 09 12:39 PM CST

FYI, according to the abstract, the study authors concluded: "Relative to cigarette smoking, waterpipe use is associated with greater CO, similar nicotine, and dramatically more smoke exposure. Physicians should consider advising their patients that waterpipe tobacco smoking exposes them to some of the same toxicants as cigarette smoking and therefore the two tobacco-smoking methods likely share some of the same health risks."

Posted by tHOMAS lANCASTER on 21 Dec 09 03:48 PM CST

i'm an AODC student.I'm very grateful for all the information I receive from your organization,thank you so very much.God bless you all,stay strong!

Posted by John French on 21 Dec 09 07:42 PM CST

The full article costs $31.50 for non-subscribers like me, so naturally I did not get it. Neither the abstract nor JTO's article gave the quantity of tobacco in each hookah load. The measurements were made shortly after the subject smoked -- up to 45 minutes with the hookah compared to one cigarette. I urge JTO to either be more thorough in their analyses, or include only accessible journal articles. There is a world of stuff available and it is a shame to whet our whistles without giving us the water.

Posted by maxwood on 21 Dec 09 08:35 PM CST

1. "...comparing a 45-minute session of smoking from a waterpipe to the same period of time smoking a single cigarette." How could this be accurate when (as Godshall reminded, above) a cigarette takes about 8 minutes? 2. Has anyone looked at a hookah lately? The crater ("bowl") may be an inch or more wide. The amount of airfeed needed to keep the contents burning (or to get much of the smoke) is enough to promote high burning temperature with health issues only partly compensated for by the water treatment. 3. Why would anyone want to smoke continuously for 45 minutes? It's like a martyr death cult. Maybe it fits economies with massive unemployment and men sitting around with nothing to do. Not being advanced in Arabic I am not well informed. 4. As Godshall says, cigarettes are the #1 killer, but any utensil with a crater diameter wider than 6-mm. is not the answer.

Posted by Carol on 22 Dec 09 11:09 AM CST

They're pretending that carbon monoxide and nicotine, in the quantities found in cigarettes and hookahs, are deadly. That's bunk.

Posted by MachineGunKenny on 22 Dec 09 11:39 AM CST

I hope this study was funded with car wash money because this is complete crap. REALLY!? 45 minutes of smoking from a waterpipe is comparable to one cigarette and they somehow draw the conclusion that it is worse...I suggest you look at your data a little closer. The results are clearly the opposite. JT, filter your information please or you will be on my block list.

Posted by Brinna on 23 Dec 09 01:31 PM CST

Ah, here we have it again. The tobacco users don't want to hear bad things about tobacco (see story about tobacco and breast cancer) But, with cigarettes, hookahs or the chewable variety, the unfortunate statistics demonstrate the terrible consequences of this choice.

Posted by senseless on 24 Dec 09 10:13 AM CST

It isn't tobacco users that don't want to hear the ugly truth- its people that don't like to be fed garbage. In defending the title of this article, a quote from the research was used that did not support the title at all. This research was likely performed and published by an agent of big tobacco- justifying using cigarettes over competing tobacco products. This is all too vague and preliminary to warrant any action besides more research and certainly not for publishing, selectively summarized, to a generally non-scientific community, one made up largely by professionals in fields heavily involved in health care and drug use prevention. This approach to drug education has already cost us the trust of our youth in some cases.


Source: http://www.jointogether.org/news/research/summaries/2009/waterpipe-smoking-more.html

Pridané: 9.9.2010
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